Helping Your Business Build Success


Edwards Management has over 20 years experience in the East Africa region specialising in boutique hotels. We provide all the advice and backup one can expect from a top-tier organisation. We offer a high level of expertise combined with a personal service commitment required to make your business a success.

Jake Edwards has a broad business experience in a wide range of areas but has focused on the hotel industry in East Africa for most of his working life. Our focus is finding areas where your business could be more productive and successful and then helping you develop the path to get it there.

Professional Services

We offer a variety of professional services that help you achieve your business goals. Do you need help streamlining business processes? What about cost-cutting and work-flow analysis? We’ve got that and much more.

Comprehensive Programs

Our dynamic programs cover hotels in a variety of stages and sizes. Whether you’re just starting out, have too many hats as a SME owner or need marketing tips that fit your schedule, our programs fit the bill.

Amazing Results

Where do we deliver the most? In our client’s results. We’ve worked with companies from single-person B&B’s to large family owned groups and everything in between. We provide a guarantee that if you follow our plan and don’t see amazing results, you don’t pay.